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Myself in the Distant Future (North Korea)

Korean title: 먼 후날의 나의 모습 Alternative title: My Look in the Distant Future, My Appearance in the Distant Future English Subtitles Year of production: 1997 ...

2018-02-11 42:38 16,766 YouTube

No Motherland Without You

Taken from "Celebration Of The 75th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Korean People's Army." tyrlop: They sing "Changun" which means General, not ...

2012-04-08 02:22 30,610 YouTube

Leader Kim Jong Il the World Statesman

English Narration Last part of the Documentary: "The Brilliant History of Great Leadership" (Kim Jong Il's Leadership of Korea) Year of release: 2008 6.19 Korean ...

2013-07-05 06:57 54,962 YouTube

President Kim Il Sung's last Instructions

English Narration Last part of the documentary: "The Year 1994 of The Great Career" The Last Speech that the Great Father of the Socialist Homeland Made ...

2013-07-16 08:29 260,862 YouTube

Where are you, Kim Jong Il? [Subtitles]

Female solo and chorus of immortal classic masterpiece "Where Are You, Dear General" written by Kim Jong Il, watch the KCTV Music video with background ...

2012-09-09 06:24 19,343 YouTube

North Korean Movie: A Family Basketball Team

Yu Sang Gu, the hero of the film, is genuine educator who has devoted his all for the development of mass physical culture and sports. One day he meets a girl ....

2016-03-16 01:42 29 Dailymotion