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Homemade Eggless Black Forest Cake without Oven (In Cooker). How to Make Black Forest Cake in Cooker

Most of us used to like Black forest cake. Black Forest Cake consists of several layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries.

2017-03-28 12:34 679,004 YouTube

Simple Sponge Cake Recipe

Transfer the 4 egg whites into a large bowl Add half a cup of sugar Keep beating untill eggs are really thick and white Take the egg yolks in another large bowl ...

2014-04-21 02:22 1,235,224 YouTube

Sponge Cake without Oven || Basic Plain & Soft Sponge cake || w/ Eng. Subtitles

Sponge Cake without Oven || Soft Sponge cake || w/ Eng. Subtitles ; vanilla sponge cake.

2016-07-26 05:22 24,084,170 YouTube

How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker - Without Oven Cake Recipe - Chocolate Cake Recipe by HUMA

Learn how to make Chocolate Cake In Pressure Cooker at home with step by step easy recipe video. If you have fear of making cake in pressure cooker, then ...

2016-12-25 08:10 11,966,691 YouTube

झटपट ढोकळा | Instant Dhokla Recipe | madhurasRecipe | English subtitles

Please take a moment to like and subscribe ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Instant dhokla is a very easy and ...

2017-01-25 09:06 910,885 YouTube