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The Scarecrow Jim McKenzie

Jim McKenzie - “Lost Magic” Theatrical Trailer (Nick Drake - Made to Love Magic)

Music: "Made to Love Magic" by Nick Drake The footage in this trailer was shot every Saturday and Sunday on a tripod over the course of two years. "Lost Magic" ...

2016-05-18 02:45 254,557 YouTube

Jim McKenzie's "The Scarecrow" New York Comic Con Signing 2016

Jim Mckenzie - 10" designer toy scarecrow, produced by ToyQube. Available for purchase here: ...

2016-10-18 01:01 190,288 YouTube

King Killian , a film by Jim McKenzie

king killian a 2d 3d animation film by Jim McKenzie. With live action sets this short film was created by Jim McKenzie in 2011 at the school of visual arts.

2011-05-30 02:24 141,242 YouTube

Jim McKenzie LIVE PAINTING - Shanghai Toy Show 2018 China - The Scarecrow

Video by Lost Literati PR --- NEW ART MERCH ON - --- Jim McKenzie LIVE PAINTING The Scarecrow with ToyQube at the ...

2018-04-25 01:07 15,993 YouTube

The Making of King Gordo, by Jim McKenzie

A little step by step process of how King Gordo was created. This was my first time using Magic Sculpt, but I think it turned out alright.

2014-02-26 05:16 441,805 YouTube

The Scarecrow - Jim McKenzie

(FAQ in bottom of description!)\rJim McKenzie Art Store: \rFacebook: \rInstagram:\rFor more art go to: \rTo Purchase Original Sculptur...

2017-09-26 06:03 0 Dailymotion

The Scarecrow - Jim McKenzie

(FAQ in bottom of description!)\rBuy Scarecrow Art here!: \rFacebook: \rInstagram: \rFor more art go to: \rPurchase Sculptures: \rThe Scarecrow documents the co...

2018-03-10 06:03 0 Dailymotion

The Scarecrow - Jim McKenzie Um curta documentário sobre o processo de criação de uma escultura de menino-espantalho assombrosa e encantadora po...

2016-06-13 06:03 28 Dailymotion

The Scarecrow par Jim McKenzie

Jim McKenzie, un artiste américain, nous présente dans cette vidéo les différentes étapes de fabrication d'une figurine épouvantail tout droit sortie d'u...

2016-08-23 06:03 48 Dailymotion

The Scarecrow - Jim McKenzie


2017-01-10 06:03 7 Dailymotion