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You're Not Hallucinating. That's Just Squid Skin. | Deep Look

Octopuses and cuttlefish are masters of underwater camouflage, blending in seamlessly against a rock or coral. But squid have to hide in the open ocean, ...

2015-09-08 03:18 1,118,571 YouTube

Squid: The Deep Sea Devils | Deep Sea Killers

When the sun goes down, an army of Humboldt squid rise from the deep to hunt. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ DEEP SEA KILLERS AIRS ...

2017-05-27 03:00 117,488 YouTube

Minecraft - Death Run - Squid Vs Dubh!

Hello Everybody! Today myself and AshDubh are going head to head on some Death Run! We try to kill each other with traps as we both take on the role of ...

2015-03-17 11:16 2,125,664 YouTube

Fresh squid dish in Hakodate

Here is how Japanese eat squid. The squid is cooked (actually is cut) after it was taken from the pool. This shop is in Hakodate morning market, Hokkaido.

2014-06-27 04:34 1,341,717 YouTube



2011-01-26 00:54 750,963 Dailymotion

Is Russia Weaponizing The Giant Squid?

Is Russia Weaponizing Giant Squid?Deep beneath Antarc......

2017-02-08 06:19 1,305 Dailymotion



2017-03-31 01:01 1,033 Dailymotion

The Deep.s01e10.Colossal Squid - File Uploader (

2016-10-10 20:57 569 Dailymotion



2017-03-31 00:16 1,195 Dailymotion