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How job surveillance is transforming trucking in America

Automation is coming for truckers – but first, they're being watched. Subscribe to our channel! The promise of self-driving trucks will radically ...

2017-11-20 09:36 42,360 YouTube

What is MIXED Reality? - Acer Windows MR Headset

Windows Mixed Reality platform is here and we got our hands on an Acer headset..but can it compete with the Rift and Vive? Receive an additional $25 credit ...

2017-11-18 09:16 362,320 YouTube

Tesla Roadster Vs Bugatti Chiron: The Race is On.

Only few months ago the Bugatti Chiron became the fastest production car in the world. Now Elon Musk claims that the Tesla Roadster is even faster. Here are ...

2017-11-19 06:25 288,421 YouTube

iPhone X User Experience is a NIGHTMARE!

It has been two weeks since the release of Apple's iPhone X. It's a good phone—nay, a great phone—but it comes with some seriously annoying UX changes ...

2017-11-19 06:31 98,482 YouTube

Why The ENTIRE NBA is SCARED of Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is part of the NBA's bright future of future NBA faces. He's just WAY TOO GOOD. Follow Me: Instagram: ...

2017-11-18 07:04 15,850 YouTube

S e r g i o B u s q u e t s S u p e r G o a l H D


2017-08-07 00:13 41,862 Dailymotion

A l e x i s g o a l HD


2017-05-27 00:16 79,158 Dailymotion

K y l i a n M b a p p e S u p e r G o a l H D


2017-09-08 00:23 60,927 Dailymotion