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B 52 Flight Crash at Fairchild Air Force Base http://BestDramaTv.Net

2017-03-26 29 Dailymotion

B-52 crew members from the 96 Bomb Squadron at Barksdale AFB.In this accident four people died due to the misconduct of the pilot who was known to have been a wreckless pilot with the B-52s for many years.B-52 Crash at Fairchild Air Force Base in 1994.
More footage then I have seen on the net on this subject. Mishap 24 June 1994, a B-52H of the 325th Bomb Squadron, 92d Bomb Wing
The B-52 was just practicing; if he had crashed in a crowd at an air show the loss of life would be high. The B-52 did some low high speed passes over personnel area and flight line; if there was a failure, he could have possibly destroyed all the aircraft on the flight line (and equipment, buildings) or and killed a lot more personnel.

I love aircraft and air shows and the US. I hate to see a bunch more rules, I would prefer pilots and people in charge do there best to keep things safe with knowledge, reasonable action. http://BestDramaTv.Net