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Minecraft: BF vs GF S4 - EP 8 - GOING IN CIRCLES! RAGE!

2016-05-10 3,166 Dailymotion

Minecraft BF vs GF is back with Season 4! Season 4 of BF vs GF will be all about REDEMPTION! Watch as I try to regain my title as the best minecraft player!

Minecraft: BFvsGF Season 4! Minecraft BFvsGF is back with its 4th season! Minecraft BFvsGF is a series that was created by BIggs87x & I where the objective is to prove who is the best minecraft player, in other words minecraft noob vs pro. Each season the two of us go head to head in a minecraft world with a bunch of minecraft challenges, minecraft puzzles & surprises. There is no rules, anything goes, kill or be killed and the last person standing will be the Minecraft BFvsGF Champion. I hope you enjoy this brand new season of Minecraft: BFvsGF

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