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2017 URBAN ACTION SHOWCASE EXPO!!! GET TICKETS HERE AND USE THE PROMO CODE -MAGNUSITE Event Overview The 5th Annual Urban Action Showcase and Expo will take place on November 10-11, 2017 at HBO and AMC Empire 25 Theaters (Times Square NYC). Usurping the entire floor including 5 theaters, we will feature the Official Selections of our Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival (UASIAFF) featuring the Cinemax Action Short Film Competition. The best submissions will be honored, alongside industry icons, during a special UAS IAFF award ceremony held at HBO. We will also pay homage to over 40 years of Martial Arts and Action Cinema and showcase the following anniversary screenings, panels and workshops: Showcase Screenings & Panels Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater featuring the 40th Anniversary of 5 Deadly Venoms with special guest Lu Feng Venom #1 (over 10 hours or Shaw Bros Kung Fu Action) 5 Deadly Venoms Panel featuring Lu Feng aka Venom #1 Spwan 20th Anniverary celebrating the HBO series and the WB live Action film featuring Michael Jai White aka Spawn Urban Fists of Legends Panel featuring Michael Jai White Equilibrium 15th Anniversary celebration featuring a special screening and fan film contests Angels of Action Panel; conversations with women in the Action industry ranging from Actresses, Stunt Coordinators, Stunt Women and Directors Workshops Call 2 Action Martial Arts Action Talent Search; This forum allows Martial Artist looking to get into the Action genre to perform choreographed fight sequences in front of the leading Stunt Coordinators and Action Icons in Action Film and Television. Blunt and Bladed Weapons; This seminar allows individuals interested in weapons fighting for the screen to train with top Kali Masters Firearms 4 Film; this seminar teaches individuals proper hand gun grip, stance and footwork related to the use of firearms in film. Hong Kong Fight Action; this seminar is taught by HK Action Icons introducing individuals to the style, timing and precision of Hong Kong styled fighting. Michael Jai White Screen Fighting Seminar! Only for Spawn Ultimate VIP pass holders Awards HBO Cinemax UAS IAFF Welcome Reception and Awards; Celebrating the Independent Action Film community with a reception and awards presentation for the winners of the UAS International Action Film Festival Diversity in Action Honoree Awards Celebration; Paying homage to the multifaceted Action genre with music, captivating visuals and performances. Our special guest will be honored for their contributions to the genre JOIN ME ON MY JOURNEY TO 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! DONT' FORGET TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND SHARE!!! ORIGINAL VIDEO: WATCH MY NETFLIX & VRV LIVE STREAM REACTIONS ON RIFF.TV: ORDER YOUR GAMEFACE T-SHIRT NOW!!! MY BACKUP CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO MY GAMING CHANNEL: IMDb: LIKE ME ON FACE BOOK!!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!! INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW ME ON YOUNOW: FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT: Tmagnusss GET YOUR MAGNUS MERCHANDISE HERE: WHERE I GET MY OTHER T-SHIRTS!!!: NEED A SECURITY SYSTEM?!! THEN GET THE ONLY HOME SECURITY COMPANY TYRONE MAGNUS TRUSTS!!!: Want to send me a reaction video or ask a question?!!: Post it in the comments section or you can click on the "About" tab on my main channel page and then click "Send Message" If that does not work, send a message on my Facebook Fanpage ALSO BE SURE TO CHECK IF I ALREADY DID A REACTION TO THE VIDEO YOU WANT BEFORE YOU REQUEST IT ANY EMAILS SENT TO MY BUSINESS INQUIRY EMAIL THAT IS NOT BUSINESS WILL NOT BE READ AND IMMEDIATELY DELETED!!! MAILING ADDRESS: Tyrone Magnus, LLC 41 Riverwalk Blvd OFC 2 Burlington Township, NJ 08016