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Yugioh Blackwing Deck (New format September 1 2009)

2009-09-04 67 17 31,265 YouTube

Hey this is Chase from Team AK. This is my updated Blackwing deck. I am currently trying to make Vayu turbo and I hope it works out well. Alot of people are asking why I run Doomcalibers so I will answer that... Doomcaliber is a VERY good card to start the game out with and can hepl in alot of situations. Please rate 5/5 and Subscribe! Thanks! Monsters: Dark Armed Dragon x1 Gorz x1 Doomcaliber Knight x2 Blackwing Vayu x1 Blackwing Elphin x1 Blackwing Shura x3 Blackwing Sirrocco x3 Blackwing Bora x2 Blackwing Kalut x3 Blackwing Gale x1 Blackwing Blizzard x2 Spells: Black Whirlwind x3 Allure of Darkness x2 Lightning Vortex x1 Dark Eruption x2 Brain Control x1 Heavy Storm x1 Traps: Dark Illusion x2 Bottomless x2 Icarus Attack x2 Call of the Haunted x1 Trap Dustshoot x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Mirror Force x1 Thanks for watching!