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the walking dead

2011-11-26 6 14 4,324 YouTube

READ DESC-> game (online) This game contains horror viewer discretion is advised. ____________________________________________________ it started as a minor epidemic,that is only read about in the news papers: is just a like any other flu... in the day,s that follow,t after the outhbreak unbelievable raports came out of peaple eating peaple peaple killing peaple for seemingly no reason, it soon became clear that that this so called, one harmless flu is the apocalypse. by the time we realised was is happening it was already too late ____________________________________________________ stuf that needs to be done: 1.indoor sounds 20% 2.zombie walkspeed (done) 3.lootscript (0.3%) 4.details (20%)!?!?! yes weather. 6.skybox ef... 7.fixing bugs (?) 8.interacktivedecals 9.more(new barecade stuff) 10.(more is comming) ____________________________________________________ if you like my game you can buy the crazy zombie fore free: For more games visit