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Listen to all the songs from 'Angamaly Diaries', a Malayalam movie directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, scripted by actor Chemban Vinod Jose & Music composed by Prashant Pillai.Angamaly Diaries stars newcomers and is Produced by Vijay Babu under the banner of Friday Film House. Muzik247 is the official music label. 1. Angamaly Singers: Angamaly Pranchi (Chorus : Febin Paulose, Joy Chirakal) Lyrics: Traditional 2. Ayalathe Singers: Shreekumar Vakkiyil Lyrics: P. S. Rafeeque 3. Theeyame Singers: Angamaly Pranchi, Shreekumar Vakkiyil Lyrics: Traditional 4. Thana Dhina Singers: Angamaly Pranchi (Chorus : Febin Paulose, Joy Chirakal) Lyrics: Traditional 5. Do Naina (Trailer Version) Singers: Shreekumar Vakkiyil Lyrics: Prashant Pillai 6. Do Naina (Male) Singers: Shreekumar Vakkiyil Lyrics: Preeti Pillai 7. Do Naina (Female) Singers: Preeti Pillai Lyrics: Preeti Pillai 8. La Vettam (Male) Singers: Shreekumar Vakkiyil Lyrics: P. S. Rafeeque 9. La Vettam (Female) Singers: Preeti Pillai Lyrics: P. S. Rafeeque All songs Arranged and Programmed by: Prashant Pillai Chief Assistant and Additional Programmer: Sreerag Saji All songs Mixed and Mastered by: Hari Shankar Vocal Supervisor for songs 1, 3 & 4 and Additional Programming for song 4: Shankar Sharma Additional Rhythm Arranger: Shreekumar Vakkiyil Musicians Co-ordinator (Angamaly Pranchi): Anson Antony Musicians:- Saxophone, Clarinet, Pan Flutes: Rajesh Cherthala Drums, Percussions: Sunil Harmonium: Prakash Ulleri Ukelele, Mandolin: Sandeep Recording Engineers: Sai Prakash Praveen Iyer Robin Raphael Denson Davis Studio: My Studio, Kochi; Praveen Iyer's Home Studio, Thrissur; Tunes Recording Digital, Chalakudy Set songs of 'Angamaly Diares' as your Caller Ring Back Tone: Angamaly Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272727 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272727 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272727 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116137376 Ayalathe Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272725 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272725 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272725 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116136259 Theeyame Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272717 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272717 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272717 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116137412 Thana Dhina Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272726 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272726 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272726 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116137395 Do Naina (Trailer Version) Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272722 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272722 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272722 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116135187 Do Naina (Male) Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272718 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272718 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272718 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116137377 Do Naina (Female) Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272720 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272720 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272720 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116137396 La Vettam (Male) Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272719 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272719 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272719 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116136265 La Vettam (Female) Vodafone (Callertune): Dial 5379272721 Idea (Dialer Tone): Dial 567899272721 BSNL (BSNL Tune): SMS BT 9272721 to 56700 Airtel (Hello Tune): Dial 5432116135188 Listen to songs of 'Angamaly Diaries' also on- Saavn: Gaana: Plingd: Wynk Music: iTunes: Keep updated with the world of Malayalam movie and music, SUBSCRIBE: For mobile downloads, click here: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter Circle us on G+ Follow our blog to get all the latest happenings Subscribe on LINE APP. Add us on WeChat. * ANTI-PIRACY WARNING * This content is Copyright to Muzik247. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented!