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2016-10-07 6,977 2,399 2,372,242 YouTube

A fun video made with Siva Karthikeyan, the lead actor, on the eve of movie Remo's release, to create some kind of awareness of the evils of piracy online and its impact on livelihood of people in the film industry. Nothing serious about it. Video is an attempt to make people realize the mistake they commit by viewing pirated movies online, without realizing the serious impact. Requesting movie watching public and Team Youtube to help us in this initiative. Thank you. Stay tuned to #BehindwoodsTv for more updates on #TamilCinema, Hit Like 👍, Share your Comments ✍, Share your favorite videos from Behindwoods Tv 👌 and Subscribe to #BehindwoodsTv 🙆🙆 For more videos, interviews, reviews & news, go to: Subscribe here -