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Krampuslauf Hollabrunn Austria 26/11/2016

2016-11-27 106 21 47,951 YouTube

Krampuslauf Hollabrunn Austria 26/11/2016. Krampus 2016. Krampuslauf Graz 2016. The Krampuslauf (Krampus run) winds through the pedestrian-friendly city center of Klagenfurt, Austria. Thousands of people gathered in Hollabrunn, Austria Saturday to witness the traditional Krampus run. In Germanic folklore, Krampus is the evil companion of Santa Claus. Austria's scary Christmas celebrations. Thousands of people gather for Krampus season in Austria, and it's not Santa Claus that they're waiting to see. Krampus Hollabrunn 2016 Krampus celebrations. Austria's scary Christmas celebrations Krampus run Austria 2016 Krampus Parade, Graz Krampuslauf Graz Krampuslauf 2016 Terrifying Christmas tradition sees Krampus goat-demon whipping naughty kids. IS THE KRAMPUS RUN THE SCARIEST CHRISTMAS TRADITION EVER?